Health Conditions and Your Hair & Skin

The human body is an exceptional piece of work with everything building from tiny cells and building to large organs like your heart and liver. No part of the body works in isolation and all are connected to a whole. So it is no wonder that the effects of certain health conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, and Anemia can have visible effects on your hair and skin, often being some of the early signs of disease.

Let's briefly discuss some common skin and hair manifestations of some common diseases:

Diabetes/high glucose/pre-diabetes-damage to blood vessels that normally carry oxygen and nutrients are now unable to carry blood flow and nutrients to hair follicles

  • hair loss or hair thinning (alopecia aerate)
  • slower hair growth
  • yellow, reddish, or brown patches on skin
  • Acanthosis Nigricans: dark, velvety patch on the neck, armpit, and groin
  • hard, thickening skin
  • blisters
  • skin infections including fungal
  • open sores and wounds

Thyroid Disease-cell turnover may be slower

  • hair loss and thinning
  • hair shedding
  • reduced hair strength
  • dry, rough and itchy skin
  • cold sensitivity
  • warmer skin

Anemia-limited oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells

  • pale skin
  • easy bruising
  • skin itching
  • dry and damaged skin
  • dry and weak hair
  • hair loss

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